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20-something Staple Handbags

Being 21, everyday is something completely different! On a typical day my activities range from numerous sorority events to a formal job interview. Since I’m constantly on the go for various occasions, being equipped with the appropriate accessories definitely makes my hectic days much more manageable. Having only one bag doesn’t cut it for the multitude of events I go to on a weekly basis. Also, with the amount of wear  each of my bags gets, it’s vital to invest in good quality bags that will last me for many years to come instead of wasting tons of money on cheap handbags that will only last me a few months (tops)! The three staple handbags I’ve selected go hand-in-hand for what I specifically need for school, work, and play. First of all, the Lauren crossbody is ideal for my commute to work everyday. It is the only bag I need to bring with me since it is unbelievably roomy and the extra pockets allow me to store extra items! At the same time, it’s not inconveniently too big. That being said, since it’s such  a versatile bag, I can easily bring it with me for a lunch outing with my co-workers.

Next, my Edie carry-all tote is what I use to carry my books around campus. The interior sections help me keep organized with the crazy amount of paperwork I need to bring to my classes, and it’s spacious enough so that I don’t have to run back to my sorority house after every class to take out books to make space for my other classes. The quality of this bag is outstanding and I’ve been using the same one during my entire duration of college thus far! Pertaining to my nighttime bag, I immediately grab my Nikki crossbody. I have mine in cambridge red since I like to add a pop of color to my going-out outfits. The studded detailing make this bag even more unique and enhances my outfit beyond belief!

All these bags will be available at the 8th annual Chicago Sidewalk Sale this week, come find yours!

…Pssst! We have a give-a-way! Seriously, you don’t want to miss out!


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