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Behind the Scenes with PR girl Jamie

I was going through some of my blog posts the other day and I realized all I am ever posting about is my impeccable style and great taste.  But, I haven’t had the chance to tell everyone about the actual PR stuff I have been up to here at Brynn Capella Inc.

Recently, I have been working my PR magic contacting different Magazine editors trying to get a feature! Just last week I sent out pitches to InStyle, Elle, Vogue, Lucky, and Marie Claire. Whoa, just saying it is tiring me out! I have been contacting specific editors depending on the subject I am pitching to the magazine. So, I have to first research the right person, and then study the audience of that specific magazine, so that I know I am pitching something relevant to the readers and editors.

A little closer to home – I have been working on pitching to Windy City Live with the hope that they would feature Brynn Capella. To create a bigger story, I have been contacting other designers and stylists to see if they would work with us to get on Windy City Live. I am trying to put together a fashion show on the air with all Chicago based designers and stylists.  – To say the least my fingers have gotten much stronger from all the typing, and I don’t think I have ever loved my computer so much! But what can I say, in the end its all for the love of the handbags!



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