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Let Independence Ring

These past few weeks Brynn and I have been visiting many local boutiques that carry our handbags – and other Made in America products. I thought that with Independence Day being right around the corner, it was the perfect time to explore some of the local “Independent” boutiques.

The first boutique that we talked to was Florodora, located in the historic Monadnock building in Chicago’s Loop. I talked with owner Michael and he gave me some cool insight on Chicago’s small business scene and why he started. Michael told me that he has lived in Chicago a long time and that it’s a great place to be for custom items and boutiques.  To him owning a boutique is great because he gets to be so involved with so many aspects of business, from the creative side, to the customers whom he has gotten to know, to having the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and designers like Brynn. These are a few reasons he is passionate about his boutique – but it seemed like he was most motivated about his ability to have an impact on Chicago area fashion and culture. Florodora definitely made me proud to be an American.

Next we made our way to Andersonville to Milk Handmade to visit our friend and owner, Hallie. Hallie has always lived in Chicago and opened her boutique because she needed a creative outlet and wanted the chance to bring handmade products to customers.  Selling a large amount of Made in Chicago and 100% handmade products, Hallie is passionate about raising awareness on how shopping local will influence the economic chain. She explained to me that in order for our local neighborhoods to thrive, we have to support them by shopping local and working together. I think that Hallie has and is doing wonders for her neighborhood in Andersonville and definitely leaving an impact on the greater Chicago area.

There are so many wonderful and unique boutiques all over Chicago, and they each have something all their own to offer our communities. Celebrate this Independence Day by showing your support for independent boutiques, owners, and designers by shopping local.

– PRgirlJamie


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