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What comes to mind when you think of wearing a white dress? Good or bad thoughts? Irresistible or boring?

I bet you’ve barely paid attention to how many adorable white dresses there are available currently! I was browsing through the latest InStyle blogs and came across one article in particular, “#HowToWearIt: The LWD (Little White Dress).” As a matter of fact, even I’ve never really considered picking a white dress for being a one-of-a-kind choice until I read this post further. The three different dresses that were selected for this article blew me away considering how each of them had an entire different look to them despite the fact that they’re all simply white. I was also surprised by the prices. At least for me, I couldn’t tell the $100 dress apart from the $400 dress. The three of them looked so beautiful and original that it made me realize cost doesn’t matter regardless of how hard you’re trying to impress! To make these dresses even more irresistible, in the image above, I’ve paired each of them with various bags from our very own Brynn Capella Collection to add a pop of color.

Before looking at the individual prices in the article posted earlier in this post, try looking at the image I’ve posted first. I bet you can’t guess which dress is the most expensive!



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