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Created with Care

When it comes to designing handbags the process can be as easy as 1,2,3 but I learned that there’s more to it when it came to Brynn Capella’s handbags. As I tagged along with Brynn to her leather contractor’,s we were able to see and touch all the different types of leather.

Here’s a tease of some potential SS15 colors that we are loving!

Before any production starts, there’s one thing that must be done inventory! I spent a good hour with Brynn just organizing and counting the hardware so that we would know exactly how much to order before any sewing started. I learned that all of the hardware orders come from around the United States.

Counting our zippers for our inventory.

Being able to gain insight of  this “mom and pop shop” handbag contractor, I thought it was neat that not only was it the contractor’s responsibility to keep track of hardware items like zipper pulls and studs, but Brynn’s too. Since their business is owned and run by three people, the amount of trust, positive work ethic and communication is amazing among each other.

A section of where the magic happens that goes in the handbags.

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