Chicago / Street Fairs / Summer


a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

With all of the great hidden spots right in your own neighborhood, it’s easy to skip the costly travel and make the most of what you have right at your fingertips! I found so many fun things to do in Chicago this summer, who needs to vacation when you can have a staycation…

Farmers markets

Enjoying great weather and even better fresh local foods is not something to only be enjoyed during a week long vacation, or at an expensive resort. A trip to your local farmers market can transport you to a new state of mind – while never actually leaving the state. Chicago has many well know farmers markets all over the city, there are so many you are likely to be able to find one every day of the week. Skip the hassle of bringing home your 25th reusable bag and pile the produce in your Lauren – and look good doing it!

For some help finding the best farmers markets in your city click here!


Brewery tour

Chicago is know for the many breweries, brew pubs and beer havens all packed into the heart of Chicago. What better way to forget the stress of the week than with a cold, refreshing, brewed in Chicago beer – and a tour to go along with it? Here are some great must visit breweries right here in Chicago – don’t have time for a whole tour? – Take it pint-by-pint and go from there!

To check out other great brew tours all over America click here!

Beach day

Pack up your SPF and your sunglasses – we’re going to the beach! Toss your phone, money and lip gloss in your Cher wristlet and get that tan you have been missing since November!

Boat tour

I love that you can cruise the waterways of Chicago – day or night  and see all that the city has to offer. Learn about the architecture or just enjoy the ride and company of great people. Many cities have some form of boat tour, and in my experience you can’t really go wrong.

Festivals / concerts

There are so many options in the city when it comes to festivals and concerts, every weekend there is something new going on. My favorite festival bag is definitely a bright colored Nikki. Just enough room for everything you could need for  day or night of fun, and small enough to dance with it over your shoulder or as a cross body. One festival that I am especially excited for is the Downtown Art Festival July 11th – 13th.  For a full list of events click here!

Start planning your next staycation now, or make it a full out trip and check out what Chicago has to offer!



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