Chicago / Fashion Events / Interns

The Interns Explore Downtown

This summer, we couldn’t wait to attend Fashion Group International of Chicago. The struggles that we encountered with public transportation on our way there were totally worth it after experiencing one of the most engaging events ever!

The event was held at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue, so we assumed that the caliber would be top-notch. And it sure was. As soon as we stepped inside, we were overwhelmed with the endless supply of beauty samples and lively speakers from a wide variety of cream of the crop cosmetic brands. A few of the companies include: Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and more!


Jamie and I instantly found our new favorite perfume scents!


Jamie is getting a fabulous makeover at the Chanel counter, as well.


Alicia poses with her favorite Chanel make-up guru, but also loves Bobbi Brown.









These are the newest colors for Chanel’s Summer 2014 collection. I am especially in love with the triple contouring blush. It is the perfect way to effortlessly maintain a stellar glow all summer long! I also am obsessed with the single colored blush. This specific color is sure to enhance a tan on any skin tone.


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