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One designer with Many Faces

What do all of these boutiques: Milk Handmade, Hazel, Fixture, Comfort MeSpare Parts and Florodora have in common? They carry Brynn Capella handbags.


Although each boutique is different, some selling clothing, accessories, gifts and stationery, they ALL still fit Brynn’s personality. While I was helping Brynn pack her suitcases filled with the upcoming fall collection, I learned that many of her boutique owners were excited to look and touch the new handbags.  Seeing them in person versus seeing the line sheets via email is always better. I notice that Brynn has a strong connection with each store owner and understands the target audience of each boutique.

Brynn & Spare Parts owner, Vanessa, sporting their Nikki bags.


Two of our favorite Nikki’s from the London Calling Collection.



So no matter which neighborhood you’re in Chicago, Brynn Capella’s handbags have captured the hearts of women who understand the value and quality that goes into each 100% Italian leather handbag.

Here’s a sneak peak at our new fall colors featuring one of our cross body bags, the Nikki, can you guess which is going to be the most popular?

Tweet us your thoughts using the #BCbagsxFall @brynncapella. We look forward to hearing from you!




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