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My Inspired by InStyle

Since moving to Chicago to work with Brynn and the other interns, I have been going non-stop; working, moving in, and trying to find my way around the city. Being the PR Intern, I am always pulling insperation from everything from other people to magazines. Lately, I have been exited to find my own inspiration between the pages.

As I was looking through InStyle, I noticed that every month there was a feature “Inspired by InStyle” – and that inspired me! One article (to the right) talked about pairing a graphic tee with a skirt to make a more casual dressed up look. Another article gave tips on how to wear black and tan in the city for summer – how perfect? I took the tips from the articles, then found pieces in my wardrobe that I already had to create awesome new outfits I had never thought of before.

The only thing left to do was to take photos of the outfits that were inspired by InStyle with handbags that completed each look, and that is exactly what we did last week! As I pulled outfits, matched handbags, and wrote the entry excerpt; Alicia took photos of the whole process.

Here are some of the shots from our “photo shoot”, enjoy!

– PRgirlJamie


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