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Birkenstocks are back?!?!

Every spring and summer brings new trends – some strange, some cool, some old, and some new. Inevitably this season is not exempt from the cyclical nature of style, that’s right ladies, its time to dust off one item that has probably not seen the light of day in quite some time. That item is…(drum roll please…) Birkenstocks!Original

The always comfortable and never before high fashion Birkenstock has, strangely enough, been making waves on the runways and streets already this season, from the likes of Givenchy to Zara to Marc Jacobs to Steve Madden.







As much as I would like to be on the forefront of trends and style, I must admit that my first fling with the Birkenstock was many….many years ago. They are just so dang comfortable and come on they aren’t that hard on the eyes. All jokes aside, I am so pumped up that Birkenstocks are finally getting the praise they deserve (and for the record I have been wearing my dark purple strappy Birkenstocks for years and they are far from needing the dust blown off of them).


Our Mini-Lauren in Mint Blue (called English Channel) is the perfect compliment.

Everyone from the Olsen Twins with their relaxed style, to Heidi Klum with her timeless beauty have been spotted sporting Birkenstocks. Now that Birkenstocks are hot-hot-hot, it is time to complete this cool look.  Pairing your new kicks with a flowing skirt, or some cropped dress pants gives you a fun look that is both stylish, and comfortable – with a dash of the bohemian feel everyone is drooling over right now. This will complete any look this spring/summer or instantly transform any stuffy outfit into a relaxed cool version.


Have you brought yours out yet? (Or what new color are wanting?)

Drag your heals, or jump on the bandwagon ladies. Birkenstocks are here and I don’t anticipate them leaving before snow hits this concrete jungle we call home again.
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