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Off the Runway – Color

These last few weeks have been so much fun, learning and playing around in Polyvore.  I had no idea it existed before working with Brynn.  Now, I can’t get enough and I’ve even turned my friends at NIU onto it.

For this look, I was inspired to take a look off the Runway and turn it into a look you could wear in your daily life. Of course, colors and florals are huge for spring this year! But don’t be afraid to mix your color palette.  Obviously the Dolce & Gabbana dress is a dream floral dress, but I am sure there are a ton of beautiful floral dresses available at much more reasonable prices.  Although I like the original look, I think the key is to not match all the accessories (jacket, bag and shoes).  Instead I think you should pull all the colors from your floral dress to create a more cohesive look.  I like the combo of an orange jacket, teal bag and beige semi-sparkly heels.

The added bonus, is I can take the Teal Lauren bag and wear it with jeans, a chic blouse and look just as stylish.

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Off the Runway

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