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Reflections & Resolutions

Wow, 2013 went by so fast…we shipped to more states all over the country than in 2012, had our best One of a Kind Show ever and are planning big things for 2014!  I am so excited for our London Calling Spring 2014 collection to debut in April, but wanted to reflect on our biggest sellers for 2013.

Lauren Cherry Woods

Top 5 bags for 2013:

#1 – Lauren Cherry Woods

#2 – Lauren Shadows of Mystery

#3 – Mini-Lauren Moonlight Walk

#4 – Lauren Nightfall

#5 – Lauren Coastal Villa

Gee what a surprise our Lauren bags! Blacks, grays and browns. Which one was your favorite? We hope it was one of our many color options…I will say that Imagine came in at #7 and Brazen Love came in at #11. And the top bag besides a Lauren was our new Pamela at #15!

After we reflect on the past year, it’s usually time for a resolution.  Now, there’s the typical resolutions; lose weight, exercise more, stop bad habits, dream big, save money, etc.   I’d like to say mine is simply live life.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what I can do today.  But realistically, I’ll go with 3 easy ones: be more organized, practical and stylish!  AND to help everyone save some money (usually a top resolution), I created a promo code RESOLUTIONS to use at check out to save 20.14% off everything (including already marked down items) and FREE SHIPPING is automatic.  Yay! Happy New Year!

more-organized1 more-practical2 more-stylish1


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