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Holiday in the air

The Holidays are here and that means last minute shopping is in need. Brynn and I just finished up with the One of a Kind show last weekend.  Although it was freezing outside, crowds of people scurried inside to shop, shop, shop! This made the show fun to see and a huge success for us.  Helping people find their holiday gifts and a little something for themselves, made me think about my own holiday shopping. Over the last several months, I have fallen in love with many different Brynn Capella bags from all different collections, but have a few I think would be perfect for the woman in my life.


For Mom:

The Pamela would be wonderful for her, because she carries a ton plus it’s fun and stylish.  It has ample space inside but still has that outside zipper pocket for need to find it now items, like her cell phone (for when I call).


For Sister:

My sister likes smaller bags that are easy to go shopping with, so the Nikki would be a great bag for her.  It has clean simple lines and a youthful touch with the studs but without being overdone.  Then when she needs it for going out to dinner it makes a beautiful clutch.


For Friend:

Now for my friend, she travels a lot, so the Cher is perfect for her.  It’s small enough to use as a wallet in all her bags and a good price.

See what bag works for your Holiday shopping! 


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