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Pulls and Plates

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 3.43.45 PMMy latest project has been zipper pulls, we’ve been trying to design custom zipper pulls with Brynns logo on it to give her handbags the finishing touch. The process has not been as easy, I thought oh we just order them choose how many we need Done! When actually you have to consider the cost of each zipper pull and then see how it will effect the cost of each bag. Some bags need as many as three and some only need one zipper pull, which makes the cost higher vs a metal plate with her logo will just be used once on the bag. Let us know what you think?

Designing the shape and size of the pull was the easy part, now we are debating between zipper pulls vs metal plating with her logo on it. We’ve been going back and forth between different companies, from getting price quotes to order minimums then plugging numbers into our cost sheet to see if customized zipper pulls will work. Of course they are beautiful but are they worth it,

Tell us if you like your handbags better with a logo zipper pull or does it not make a difference to you?


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