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Sew in Love with Design

alisonHello my name is Alison, I am the Design Assistant for Fall at Brynn Capella.

Already a month in, I have learned there is more then meets the eye in Design/Production. After graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I realized I wanted to expand my knowledge from school and gain some hands on industry experience in Fashion Design. With accessories being an interest of mine, who better to learn from then Brynn. Since working with her, everyday has been different. Visits to contractors, creating β€œTHE BOOK”, color boards and cost sheets are just a few things I have learned so much about, However I have come to realize the (Business Side) is just as important as the creative side of Design.

Recently I have been working on Spring 2014; we went back and forth a lot on our color story. Visiting leather vendors, where I got to sit in on my first leather meeting and select color choices for the collection was truly exciting.


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