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Color Trends: Fall 2013

Today was all about finding inspiration for this season’s newsletters and blog posts. So far I have already learned so much, but today I really focused on the importance of creating something unique and current that will grab the attention of our customers.  As I flipped through magazines and scanned blogs, I was immediately drawn to an advertisement that showed color swatches that inspired an outfit.  Out of curiosity, I went to pantone.com to check out the next big colors for Fall 2013 to see which colors inspired Brynn’s fall colors.  I found that all of the leathers we are using for the “Midnight in the Garden” collection were inspired by Pantone’s warm and bold colors.

Pantone’s Carafe reminds me of a cooler toned brown than the deep wine color of our Cherry Woods leather, we are debuting for fall.  Brynn’s Brazen Love is a robust red color that is a little deeper than the Samba swatch and our Moonlight Walk’s taupy gray reminds me of a combination of Pantone’s Turbulence and Carafe.  All of these colors are beautiful and fun but my personal favorite leather color for the fall season is Pure Royalty.  I love its richness and it totally reminds me of a mix of Pantone’s Acai and Vivacious colors.

Fall is my absolute favorite season because of all of the fashion possibilities! The colors are so rich and can be combined to create unique looks. The change of season always inspires me to add new colors and textures into my wardrobe.

I hope that all of you are as excited as I am to welcome the change of leaves and leathers this fall!


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