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Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: The Start

For the past couple of months, I’ve been frequenting and, browsing designer collections for Resort 2014 and researching Pantone color forecasts to determine upcoming color and style trends for Spring/Summer 2014. The results: hot colors will be cherry red, true and minty blues, caramel brown, banana and canary yellows, salmon and peachy pinks and tangerine orange, as well as the ever-classic black and summer-standard white.


After completing research, I began ordering swatches of leather in these colors from different leather companies, as well as, going through books of samples from leather companies in New York, LA, Napa Valley and Italy. I collected swatches of the most promising leathers in every color and began researching prices for each. When it comes to prices, ordering leathers is a delicate affair. If a leather is out of our typical price range, we still may use it but need to be able to offset the higher cost with lower priced options.  What I have found, is sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to the vastly different prices other than that’s just what they are look and feel wise.

From my collection of samples of promising leathers, I determined several combinations that would be within our budget. For example, Brynn and I fell in love with an expensive rusty salmon colored leather (but we still aren’t really sure why it was so expensive as it didn’t look much different). Anyway, to keep collection prices in check, we found less expensive but still high quality options of caramel brown, true blue and peachy pink leathers to group with the salmon leather. After finding leathers that we liked and combinations that would be within our price range, I looked at the leathers with different lining colors and zippers. Brynn and I found a great lining color that works with our chosen leathers and are now in the process of choosing zippers.

So far, we’ve encountered a few challenges (several of our favorite leather samples turned out to be far outside of our price range and several “hot” colors for Spring/Summer 2014 have been difficult to find), but overall the process has been running smoothly. Be on the lookout for some great bags come March or April 2014!

-Kasey Taylor, Design Intern


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