Fall / Fashion / Photoshoot

A “Fall” Day to Remember

Last week we were preparing for our fall photo shoot. Of course that had to be one of the hottest weeks Chicago has had this summer, but we were ready to “fall-ize” any outfit with all of our bags. After a lot of planning and outfit changes we decided on our final looks! The day was ready to begin!


10 a. m. : We started by packing up all of our outfit choices as well as our newly created handbags! (You are going to love the new fall colors!)

10:30 a.m. : Hair and makeup time! Our model was already to become the romantic muse for this collection’s ethereal style. We included lots of waves and braids for all of our looks.

11 a.m. : Now it was time to head over to our location for the shoot, the local Humboldt Park.

12 p.m. : Given the near 90 degree temperatures, our model, Carla, was not loving the fact that sweaters were a must for the photos! However, she powered through and endured the heat for all of our photos.

3 p.m. : After various outfit adjustments and color changes with the bags we had all of the shots we needed for our upcoming fall collection. The rich hues all balanced perfectly with the lush landscape in the background.

3:30 p.m. : It was time to head back to the office and unpack from the day! Overall, a picturesque day!


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