California / Made in the USA

Riding in Style from the Western Suburbs to the West Coast

Move happy. That’s what Sixthreezero bicyling company is telling us to do! These trendy bicycle designers have been making Americans look great on their bikes for the past 7 years!


For those of you that are unware, Sixthreezero is the area code for Chicagoland’s Western Suburbs. When the company opened in Hermosa Beach, California the owners wanted to keep a little of their Chicago vibe with their new West Coast lifestyle! Their beach cruiser bikes portrayed this new lifestyle while the name kept their midwest roots alive.

I first heard about these bikes from a friend who purchased one at Endure it! Life in Naperville, IL. She swears by this bike and as someone who has had the privilage of riding it several times, I can definitely say I will be purchasing one in the future!

These bikes are great for someone with an active lifestyle! Can’t you just picture yourself riding around on this bike? Maybe even with one of our Lauren Bags to fit all your daily necessities! And with the price of gas these days, who isn’t looking for a new way to get around?

threezero bikes are for both men and women and come in single or multi speed! I absolutely love these bikes! The bikes are manufactured in California and can be bought online at


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