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The Big Apple of NYC: Amy Matto


To kick off our week (or 2!) of blogs highlighting American-made products, I’d like to tell you guys about an all American girl making fabulous dresses in New York City! (All while taking care of twin boys, a husband, and a golden retriever!)

Amy Matto creates dresses perfect for the sophisticated, yet stylish young woman. Whether you are looking for a dress for a friend’s wedding, a job interview, or the perfect dress for a first date, Amy’s got it!

Some of my latest Amy favorites can be found in her Summer 2013 collection. Recently I have been loving the maxi dress trend and am in love with Amy’s Ellie Dress!  How great is this chiffon maxi! Perfect for a hot summer or summer night out with friends!

What I love about Amy’s dresses is that they are so classic and chic. These dresses are a great investment for any wardrobe! And all are made in New York City! A great-added bonus! Who doesn’t love supporting American designers with American made products!?


Not in the market for a new dress? No worries! Amy has created the perfect T-Shirt to show her support for American Made Products! Her unique “Made in  USA” T-shirt supports her mission and says alot about ou
Love this T-shirt? Interested in owning an Amy Matto dress? Check out her website! Chances are you can find her dresses in a boutique near you! If not, you can always do a little online shopping! r country’s use of over-seas manufacturing. This clever Chinese translation T-Shirt really speaks for itself!


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