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White Hot Summer

Move over, Little Black Dress, there’s a new sheriff in town. Say hello to my new obsession, the Little White Dress (LWD). This trend has quickly caught on and is in the makings of being this summer’s hottest look. But, like me, you might be afraid to wear an LWD to avoid the risk of appearing like it is your wedding day. So, here is my guide to wearing this super chic look for any occasion.

Let’s start with the basics. Take your favorite white dress, and pair it with a neutral shoe. A light colored shoe will allow you to add pops of color elsewhere (color is great, but in small doses), and it also creates the look of a long, lean leg. Talk about a double whammy. Plus, these cutout Matiko wedges are edgy and unique, yet still sophisticated enough to pair with a dressier dress. Keep your arm candy basic, too. I love the cuff trend that is going on right now. This Winifred Grace bronze cuff is the perfect size, AND is made by a local Chicago designer. We are all about supporting our fellow Made in the USA designers here at Brynn Capella, Inc!

Now for the fun part- color! White and turquoise are to die for when paired together. I like to wear my color on my ears and carried in my hand; it creates the perfect distance from one pop of color to the other. By keeping your bursts of blue minimal, the colors stand out more on your body and you don’t risk looking like you have overdone it on the color. Choose a bold statement earring like the one shown above and top the outfit off with a bright bag, like our  Cher wristlet, shown here in ‘Gulf of Genoa’.

Voila! You now have the perfect LWD ensemble. Tweet us a picture of you rocking your LWD @brynncapella!



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