Interns / Summer

Fresh Start for Summer

Hi guys! Well although summer has not officially started, here at Brynn Capella we are already immersed into our work! With the new season comes new interns.

934972_4902697172595_789360580_n copy

My name is Jen and this summer I will be interning in the PR department. I can’t wait to get a hands-on feel for the industry from the PR point-of-view! We have already gone in headfirst starting with Shark Tank auditions, trunk shows, and media connections. I am so excited to get the word out about the beautiful bags that Brynn creates.

I am currently a junior at Boston University studying PR, Business Administration, and English. I know interning at Brynn Capella will allow me to gain invaluable experience needed for the PR industry. Over these next few months I can’t wait to see what we do with the brand!


And here is another one of our interns who will be working on design!

Hi! My name is Kasey and this summer I will be assisting Brynn with handbag design and production. I will be a junior this fall at Pomona College, a liberal arts college in Claremont, CA, where I am double-majoring in Media Studies and Studio Art.

My main interests are fashion design and graphic design. This summer, I look forward to learning the steps involved in production of handbags and am excited to be a part of the creative process. Already, I have fallen in love with many of Brynn’s designs (especially the Lauren/Mini-Lauren) and am looking forward to what this summer has in store.


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