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Fun designing issues

Yes designing handbags sounds like a glamorous job…but it’s all the other stuff that goes with it that can be “fun.”  LOL

Keeping track of the designing and seasonal process with samples and production runs is very hectic, just ask my intern Brenda.  When I told her a lot of math would be involved, she had no idea.  From keeping count of the hardware on hand, to order numbers, calculating how much leather, hardware and lining is needed, all via an excel spreadsheet with formulas.  The things you never thought you’d be using for design!  Then of course, there is working with all of the vendors to make sure what we need is available when we need it.


Our Mini-Lauren Coral Reef shown with a short strap and folded over


Our Mini-Lauren Coastal Villa shown with long cross body strap worn as a shoulder bag.

When we are in Fall production mode, we are in Spring sample mode.  When we are in Spring production mode, we are in Holiday sample mode. When we are in Holiday production mode, we are in fall sample mode. It can get really confusing.


Our Mini-Lauren Tuscan Sun shown with the long crossbody strap, folded over.

Anyway, I’ve been going a little crazy since we launched the Mini-Lauren…which has become almost as much of a HOT seller as the original.  But you’d think it would be a very simple process making a smaller version, but boy has it not been.  We are on our third set of die cuts and I finally figured out what was going wrong with the darn zipper.  Granted none of these were huge issues on the consumer side, slightly annoying, yes.  But from a designer side, it was driving me nuts.

Just thought I’d share 🙂


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