Meet Aisling…

421818_379341612081440_1557217773_nHiya! Or as we say where I’m from – what’s the craic?!

My name is Aisling (I know it looks weird, but it’s pronounced Ash-ling, spoken in Irish, it means ‘a dream’) and I’ve just moved to Chicago from the beautiful emerald isle of Ireland. I’m excited to be the new merchandising assistant at Brynn Capella Inc. So, what’s a small town girl from Ireland doing in the Windy City?

I have worked in styling and production in the Irish fashion industry for three years and love every aspect of it, but as much as I love my home, the Irish fashion industry is a very concise market. For as long as i can rememeber, it was always going to be London or New York for me, but yet, here I am in Chi-Town. Well here’s why..

..I spent this past summer living here on a four month visa programme and from the moment I walked down Michigan Avenue, I knew four months was not going to be enough – I needed to make this place my home. So that’s what I did! I returned home in September, graduated from a degree in Communications at Dublin City University in November and on the 8th of January said all the tearful goodbyes to my amazing family and friends. Although it was so difficult to leave them and all my comforts from home, I would not change my decision for love nor money, it’s definitely been one of the best I’ve ever made!IMG_0012

So that’s my back story, now on to how I ended up with this wonderful job. For months, I trawled through internship upon internship on the internet and never saw one that interested me. At one stage I thought that my dream of returning to the city I love was just going to be that – a dream. But then, Brynn’s name popped up on my screen one day. I turned to my mom the minute I saw it  and said – can you imagine, working with handbags, how amazing would that be??! So I emailed Brynn right away. She got back to me and asked to do an interview over Skype and the funny thing about it is that I had to do it at 11pm because of the time difference. Thankfully she liked me –  I was delighted – YES,  I could finally see my dream becoming reality again!

Since coming back to Chicago and starting this new position I feel I’ve learned a lot already, as like I said I styled and produced, merchandising is a new field for me and can’t wait to learn a whole lot more in the next few months.

Slan leat anois,

Aisling 🙂 


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