Fashion / Photoshoot

Starry Night Shoot

I am always excited about our photo shoot, but I was especially excited about this one!  Not only am I in love with the collection, but I found the perfect location for the shoot.

Every collection has inspiration behind it from city life to old hollywood and more.  For example, with our Cityscape Collection we did our shoot downtown Chicago which was the perfect backdrop of the shoot.  With our Wildflower Collection, we went to the Lincoln Park area where there are open fields and great nature inspired backdrops.

ImageThis time with our Starry Night Collection, we were looking for an evening cocktail party type atmosphere.  However, with inside shoots, it usually requires a bunch of additional costs with lighting.  I was in luck though, my good friends, Rob and Jason, had recently opened up a beautiful new boutique called Inside Home. Image The idea behind their boutique was a mix of modern and vintage pieces for your home.  They spent months renovating the space and it became the perfect backdrop for my designs.

Here’s Carla with two of my favorite bags of the season, our Sophie in the Golden Tan Snakeskin and the Silvery Vanilla Snakeskin.


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