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Pre-view of Fall Inspiration

Everyone always wants to know: What is your inspiration?

It’s always a funny question to me because so many things inspire me, but because I try to avoid being too trendy, it’s always a hard question to answer.  I consider my collection timeless classic pieces that will always stand the “test of time”.

But in light of the question, here’s my best answer:

Being a So Cal girl, color has always been a part of my life, EVERY season.  Moving to the Midwest, I’ve had to change that a little.  And I’ve actually had more fun finding inspiration for fall than I thought I would.  Growing up in the 70’s (yes I am officially old), I can’t help but remember the  browns, mustards, olives and oranges of the decade, from mixing them with your clothes to even wallpaper (yes, our walls and even our door had wallpaper.)  Believe it or not, I still love those colors, as well as, burgundies and vintage blues. These are perfect for our Liberation Collection.

Besides being inspired by color, one of my favorite movies of the decade was the iconic Annie Hall, Diane Keaton wore menswear so effortlessly and I loved that…from houndstooth to wool blends to tweeds.

Not having a design background, I always just pull inspiration from within and get so excited when I see that my gut instinct is usually right on track.  So when I saw this “Talking Tweed” promo on style.com for Fall 2012, I couldn’t help but smile.

Our Fall collection is a 70’s and menswear inspired line, honoring houndstooth and shaggy wools to the vivid colors in my memory of my youth. (I just wish I had a picture of the butterfly wallpaper covering our door to share with you!)


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