Emerging Designers

Anna Hovet – Chicago Designer

I wanted to introduce you to another Chicago designer that is making a splash into the Chicago fashion scene, Anna Hovet. 

She has a very contemporary edge and her style includes abstract designs and patterns, she’s very urban and innovative, not to mention highly creative. I met Anna at the Florodora Boutique last week, when both her and Brynn were having trunk shows.  I had the pleasure with talking with her, about her travels over Europe and a little bit about her line. Anna is super adventurous and a risk taker! She is a witty, small blonde and was wearing one of her very own designs! It was a cute red flowy shirt that within a split second she snapped in the back and made it a tight fit. Anna Hovet’s styles are very unique and the most original designs I’ve ever seen. You can wear her clothes many different ways, upside down, inside out, the creativeness goes on and on! I’ve never met a designer like Anna Hovet, so be sure to check her out!


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