Social Media

Twitter Truths

The Truth about Social Media and Twitter.

In this day and age, our society is constantly in sync to the internet, & usually on trendy social media sites. Whether they’re staying connected through mobile or PC, these media sites are currently springing up all over the place. New sites for different interests are also getting noticed, like instagram; a photo app only designated for iPhones users. If you have interest for fashion, another site getting a lot of heat from the fashionistas and for the artsy & crafty are looking to get inspired on Pinterest. Which btw happens to be one of Brynn’s favorites! And of course you have your typical sites, like Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Blogger and of course, Twitter.

Twitter discovered by Jack Dorsey, was created in March 2006 but wasn’t launched til July. Over 300 million users are on it and many include fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Coach, Dior, DKNY and our very own Brynn Capella to name a few. They are getting their fashion spread across the world with their tweets about fun, fashion and gives us the little inside scoop on whats up, hip and hot. Be sure to follow Brynn Capella our star designer! on twitter who’s tweeting about sassy bag styles & current updates on her must have bags.


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