Joys of Production

Since working with Brynn I will never look at handbags the same……..
Fabric Rolls
Bins of Hardware

Every trip to the contractors is an adventure. We must have reorganized the fabric in the backroom a dozen times. It has all been a great learning experience. Now that we are going into production I  realize how important it is to keep an organized environment, not only for us but for the contractors too, and sometimes it takes more than one trip.

Another  way that  we organize the back room is bins. Since we use so much hardware we separate by bag and size. There are so many different sizes and colors that we have to make it easy to keep track. Now when doing inventory for hardware be ready for what seams like endless counting.

Hides of Leather

Of course the signature look is leather. When getting the leather together we make sure that it is quality. One thing I do not like is when we get all the leather in, it stinks! The smell of leather is not very pleasant when it is all in one designated area. The best part is knowing everything is ordered and ready for production.


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