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Spring is Almost Here

As the warm weather approaches, so do the new spring and summer bags. So that means it’s time for Inventory day for the girls at Brynn Capella Inc.

Last Friday came and went so fast. It’s actually amazing how many handbag bins fit in the office closet! After we took all the bins out, the main area was filled wall to wall with bags from season’s past. It was fun seeing how much the line has evolved over the years. There were even some bags that we didn’t realize were still in stock, as they aren’t online anywhere. (I smell a new task a brewing.)

The morning was filled with counting every single bag and double checking our main inventory counts. After our quick Pizza lunch break, Brynn decided to have a fun session of researching names for the 70’s inspired Fall 2012 Collection. From researching slang words (That’s Dope, To The Max, Chill, Groovy, Foxy Mama), fashion trends (Bell Bottoms, Hot Pants, Menswear inspired) and popular movies (Annie Hall) and songs (Imagine, Heart of Glass, Brown Eyed Girl), we finally narrowed down our selections. Now besides Spring/Summer, I can’t wait to see Fall too.

Lastly, we re-organizing the bins and shelves to make room for the new bags arriving soon.
I’m sure nothing will bring as much excitement to the intern girls once the new spring bags arrive! Fun bright colors to brighten the office, so as the days get warmer the anxiety grows!


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