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Obsession Confession: I Need You, Cher!

Okay, you know when people say you are in denial?  And then you deny that you are in denial?  Well, I have come to terms with myself, and I am ready to confess: I need you Cher!  The Cher Wristlet by Brynn Capella is a must have for any girl that goes out at night, particularly the ones in college.
My name is Katie – I am the new Merchandising Assistant at Brynn Capella, and I am also a 21-year old student at Columbia College.  I am definitely not a huge party girl, but I do like to go out with my friends or my boyfriend and have a good time once and a while.  But every time I go out, I am faced with “big purse syndrome.”  You know, the ailment where you own an expensive purse that you don’t want to leave sitting in a pile at the bar table while you are on the dance floor?  But, at the same time, it is hard to look confident and sexy when you have this big bag swinging back and forth and hitting people while you are dancing.  Solution? The Cher Wristlet.
Now, picture this.  A young woman with a cute wallet-sized bag around her wrist dancing with a smile on her face and surrounded by her friends – victory.  All my credit cards and money are in the wristlet along with my cell phone and a little tube of lip gloss for any retouch opportunities.  The Cher is the perfect size for any event, and now is the perfect time to get one because the Wildflower Collection is coming out SOON for the Spring and Summer nights.

Western Flower
Moss Verbena
Iceland Poppy
Calypso Orchid
Emerald Isle
Lilac Wisteria


Introducing the colors for the Wildflower Collection Cher Wristlets!

Thank you, Brynn, for answering our prayers – I am cured.




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