Fall / Fashion Events / One of a Kind Show

The Moment We all Have Been Waiting For….

…The One of a Kind Show and Sale!!

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Set up for OOKS was in full effect Tuesday and Wednesday. We all worked very hard the past couple months to make this show a success. The goal this year was to have the booth stand out and have our customers be in a shopper friendly environment. Our rockstar wall pretty much– ROCKS! Brynn has accumulated tons of plaques, rewarding her hard work and dedication during her time spent in the music industry. We hung those as well as pictures of musicians she met along the way. You will find the entire rockstar collection in this area.

Finally the accent wall color was chosen and it turned out great! It really compliments all fall collection handbags and brings warmth to the booth. A surprise for the guys out there has been added to the collection– key chains. Now men and women can shop Brynn Capella! All key chains are made with 100% Italian leather offered in a variety of colors.

And for everyone with a sweet tooth out there stop by for a tasty treat!

Here’s a few photos of set up & video end result!



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