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What’s In Your Lauren?

Up close and personal with Ali and Adrienne as they take you deep inside their new Fall Lauren Bag from Brynn Capella’s 2010 Fall Cityscape Collection.

Ali – Brownstone Brick

I love my new Fall Lauren. There are so many different ways to wear it and it’s easy to change the straps on the go. But my favorite part is all the different compartments. My bag is never organized but the front zippers and inside pockets definitely help!

-Every girl on the go needs a little refreshment…Orbitz Gum sweet mint flavor is my favorite.

Sunglasses are my favorite accessories. They never go out of style!

-I always carry mascara with me in my handbag or clutch. It’s the perfect way to touch up your look through out the day.

-I keep my camera with me at all times. Living in Chicago I wanted to catch every moment of my summer with new friends.

-You’re never too old for Lip Smackers. I use the Strawberry flavored chapstick, it smells great plus it gives your lips a slight pinkish red tint.

-Working for Brynn Capella this summer I had to keep organized. I brought my notebook with me everyday so I could keep track of my schedule and other things happening in the office.

-And of course, I never go anywhere without my Blackberry. It’s my way of keeping in touch with friends back at school as well as keeping up with Brynn and the other interns.

Adrienne – Streetsign

MacBook Pro – I always take my laptop with me when I travel.

Strawberry Lip Balm from Urban Outfitters. It smells so good and tastes yummy too!

-My camera is always with me – day or night. I love to document the fun times with my family and friends!

Keys for my car and apartment.

-I love my new iPhone 4! If it is not in my hand playing Words with Friends, then it will be in the side pocket of my bag, making it very easy to find!

-There is always gum in my bag. My favorite is Trident Tropical Twist, but if I am in the mood for something more grown up I go for spearmint.

-I always have a pair of sunglasses in my bag. It is the ultimate “must have accessory!”

-Monogrammed Metal wallet for my credit cards and cash…the bottom of my bag is filled with lots of change.

-Last, but not least Silly Bandz (my new guilty pleasure).

Check out the full images of the bags displayed above! Copy and paste the link below to take you to the Brynn Capella website, and take a look at the other fall colors! I know you will want to get a bag for yourself!


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